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Friday, August 31, 2007

In the Spotlight: Cinnamon*Sticks

Recently our Canela was interviewed on Journal Modiste!
We couldn't be more proud of you Canela!

One of her recent stunning pieces was titled "Linked by Love" which is indeed what this piece says to you when you first lay your eyes on it. Here is her description written perfectly in her own words:

"This beautiful and unique necklace is simple and feminine. I have hand formed the Heart links from a very heavy gauge copper wire. I hammered them for strength and to add a beautiful texture to it. I then antiqued and polished each one to add a rich finish. They are connected with hand wired gorgeous creamy fresh water pearls. It is finished with a decorative hand forged clasp. I will custom size this necklace at the close of the auction up to 17 inches"

Who can top that? Her jewels are just lovely and indeed are a reflection of what you can expect from her in every aspect. You've just got to see what she has today! Check out Cinnamon*Sticks right now!:-)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


My favorite international woman of mystery....well .....without the mystery! LOL Her name is Nomi and she is the genius behind the luxury of Myahpapaya designs. She has a fabulous eye for color and texture in her clothing. Her original designs are a just a total reflection of class and style. You will fall in love with every rich detail of her works. The sweet innocence of her creations will be surely remembered by everyone when your child is seen wearing Nomi's wearable works of art. Check out Myahpapaya today!


After this photo what more can I say? Well.....I can say A LOT more about this designer. Her name is Canela which literally means cinnamon. So appropriate since her jewels give every outfit "flavor". For real girlfriend! :-) Her sparkling creations are just dripping with rich colors and textures- you can literally gaze at them for hours and never get tired of the beauty. All her creations should be under glass in that exclusive jewelry boutique that most people can't afford to enter but nope- not Canela! She modestly offers her great works for the world to own and at extremely affordable prices- the world is a better place- or at least a better accessorized one thanks to her!

You can't beat the quality and the great service that you get from Canela of Cinnamon*Sticks . Check out her latest works of art today!


If you are looking for a designer with experience that rivals the most famous designers in the world but is closer to home- look no further! Margo of Kidz On The Boulevard is readily available to help you find that certain special something that cannot be found elsewhere. Her classic and stylish designs are meticulously planned with every attention to detail paid in every single stitch.
There's nothing hidden in this designers creations. What you see is what you get with Margo and all you'll ever see is class! So if you're seeking a revival in sweet yet sophisticated clothing for your child- then you need to seek out Kidz On The Boulevard!

Sunday, August 19, 2007


She's got the most Diva-licious graphics for your websites, eBay about me pages and auctions templates. If you think that's awesome- here's the unexpected surprise- this girl can sew. Yup is a fact folks! Her unique clothing styles are just as much considered a sweet piece of eye candy as her graphics. This multi-talented lady is also a friendly person that thrives on giving the best customer experience out there when helping you beautify your webspace and eBay features.

We love Jen here at the House of PrimRoses and we know you will too. Check out Jen of Barefoot*Divas if you are looking for a professional look for your world wide web space or for your one of a kind children's clothing!


Her name is Honee....need I say more? Yes, yes I should...how appropriately named she is for her *sweet* designs. They are just classy and the quality is reflected in her unique deigns. Every attention to detail is paid in her rich creations. For all that are seeking a revival in class in their daughters' clothing need to seek out CalicoFlamingo . A prominent member of the House of PrimRoses.

Also check out her fabulous fabrics in her eBay store under TheCalicoFlamingo and her website at http://www.calicoflamingo.com/.

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