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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Featured guest auctions!

Well it was hard to choose with so many fabulous items out there created by our talented guests but these 3 stuck out in our minds and caught our eye! First up (these are in no particular order) is Tracy of creme*de*la*gems
with her sweet little toggle necklace! Oh this piece is almost good enough to eat- although not recommended- but nevertheless this piece is just absolutely stunning! Tracy really came through with this lovely necklace. The soft pink colors and sparkling accents are perfect for any little sweetie for valentines day and beyond!

Next up is Jeramie of with everyones favorite monster set!

This vividly colored and exceptionally detailed set is sure to please any "furry red monster" fan out there! This one of a kind 3 piece set is just what our daughters are looking for! The elmo appliqued tee is just absolutely perfect! The fabrics on the collaged jacket is just so beautifully arranged and the layered skirt completes this gorgeous set. Perfect for any little sweetie for all seasons! Great job Jeramie- You really know what (or who) is in our hearts!

Last but not in any way least is Louie of bchicdesigns
with her absolutely stunning toile set! OMGosh Louie just went above and beyond with this gorgeous 3 piece set! The gorgeous tulle lined applique shirt is just so cute! I love the tolie twirl it so full and so twirly! And she included the underskirt which makes this set so much fun! Louie we love what you have done here! Just a perfect combination of colors and it is more than evident that you have an eye for style!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

My Funky Valentine is off to an amazing start!

Well our guests are off to an amazing start! We're only 2 days into it and there are an astounding 54 items availiable!!!! Let me tell you that our guests certainly delivered! We invited only the most talented designers in all categories of the Boutique World. Not only are they extremely gifted with their talents they are all also a fun and supportive bunch of ladies. I have participated in many launches and have never had so much fun with such a large group! Its been more like a party than a launch!
Ok back to the goodies:-)
There are so many high quality items in all sorts of gorgeous colors and styles. Get ready for sensory a overload that you will absolutely LOVE!! Search Boutique PrimRoses or Click Here !

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

PrimRoses & Guests Present... My Funky Valentine!!!

Well here it is- the official info for the PrimRoses & guest My Funky Valentine launch! We will launch starting on Thursday December 6th through December 13th. Let me be the first to tell you that this launch is going to be Fab-U-Lous! I have seen some sneak peeks that are just drop-dead-goregous!
We have only the most creative ladies in every boutique category launching with us. So don't miss out! On December 6th be sure to search boutique PrimRoses only on ebay. Check out the awesome talent and get your "funky valentine" fix now for 2008.